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Aim-N-Read Infrared Thermometer

The Model EFI ANR Aim-N-Read thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer, with real real-time maximum data.  Applicable for almost any temperature measurement, including hot/chilled water pipe lines, HVAC balancing, motor temperatures and air conditioning.

– Easy to use
– Pistol Grip Design
– Laser Pointer
– Measures both degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade (-58°/752°F or -50°/400°C)
– Back Light LCD Display
– 9.1 Ratio
– 1% Accuracy
– Auto Off

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ANR infrared thermometer table






Page 29 - Thermometer - Adjustable Angle Tye

Adjustable Angle Type

• CASE: V-Shape design with parts molded of Valox® polyester, in black textured finish.  Heavy glass protected front firmly secured against rattles by spring action.

• STEM: For 3-1/2″ stems only and ranges up to and including 300°F, bulb chamber is a precision machined aluminum alloy with copper plated steel stem extension.

• LOCKING DEVICE: Adjustable case locknut and angle adjusting screw work independently to provide a full 360° positioning of thermometer case and stem.

• ADJUSTABLE JOINT: Valox® finished to match case.  Completely encloses capillary to prevent tampering and foreign matter from entering instrument.

• TUBE & CAPILLARY: Blue Spirit (non-mercury) filled magnifying tube.  Precision made to guarantee accuracy within 1% of scale range.  Silicone shock mounted for lasting durability.

• SCALE: White coated aluminum with permanently baked bold black markings..locked in place and adjusted through device at top of scale.  There are no mounting screws to cover up scale markings.

adjustable angle type table


Note: Separable Socket on request.
Separable Sockets should be used on all pressurized applications, to protect the stem of the thermometer from corrosion and physical damage, and to facilitate removal of the thermometer without disturbing the process.  3/4″ NPT standard external thread, 1″ NPT available.  Brass standard, 316 Stainless Steel available.

Bi-Metal Dial Type

MODEL 58M, 58MS, 5VBM – 5″ DIAL
Pressure gagesStainless Steel Case: The entire case assembly is of type 300 series stainless steel.  Glass face gasketed within case and bezel assembly to insure a hermetic seal.

Stem Assembly: Stem and fixed thread connection fabricated of type 304 stainless steel.  Welded construction insures complete corrosion resistance.  The stem diameter is 1/4″, the fixed thread fitting is 1/2″ NPT.  Stem lengths also available up to 36″ – Contact EFI.

Bi-Metallic Element: The sensitive, precision formed bi-metallic element is accurately calibrated to meet certified temperature standards.  This helix assembly is silicone damped against vibration.  The silicone fluid increases the speed of response due to more rapid heat transfer from stem to bi-metallic element.

Dial: The BM, BMS and VBM series have a dial of anodized aluminum, with satin matte background and black numerals and graduation lines.  Minimum parallax.

Accuracy: Accurate within 1% of scale range.

Separable Sockets: Separable sockets are available in all materials for direct attachment to the thermometers.  Separable sockets should be used on all pressurized applications, to protect the stem of the thermometer from corrosion and physical damage, and to facilitate removal from corrosion and physical damage, and to facilitate removal of the thermometer without disturbing the process.  Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel available.  3/4″ NPT standard external thread.  1/2″ or 1″ NPT available.

Adjustable Angle Type: Available in the 3VBM and 5VBM models

Recalibrator Adjustment: All models equipped with reset screw.


bi-metal dial type tables

Spring-Held or Magnetic Pipe Surface Type

• Simplicity in both installation and use.
• Not necessary to open joints to install.
• Spring-Kit type gives snug-fit on 1/2″ to 6″ O.D. pipe or tubing.
• Dial Diameter 2″.
• Accuracy is within 2% of full scale

Spring Held Temperature Ranges:
-50° to 250°F
70° to 370°F
70° to 500°F

Magnetic Temperature Ranges:
0° to 250°F
50° to 750°F

model efi 486

Dial Gauges
Pressure – Vacuum – Compound


Utility Gauges: Series TL

Page 30 - Utility Gauges - Series TLApplication: This gauge is intended for general service conditions.  For pressure or vacuum service on air, oil, water, gas or other mediums that do not attack brass.  For steam service, gauges should be protected from exessive temperature by installation of a syphon.

Case and Ring: Drawn steel case with friction fitted steel ring finished in black.

Bourdon Tube Assembly: Bronze, soldered to socket and tip.

Dial: White coated metal.  Lithographed with black graduation lines and numerals, dial mounted on socket, independent of case.


Socket: Brass bar stock 9/16″ square wrench surface.  1/4″ NPT Male lower or back connection.

Accuracy: 2% of the middle third of the entire range.  ANSI-ASME B40.1 Grade B.

Movement: All brass construction, precision gear and pinion.  Mounted on socket independent of case.

Pointer: Balanced design, aluminum in black finish.

series tl table

Deluxe Gauges: Series PG

Page 30 - Deluxe Gauges - Series PGApplication: For Pressure measurement of all fluids and gases non-corrosive to brass.  Steam service gauges should be protected from excessive temperature by installation of a sypon.

Accuracy: ±1% middle third.  ANSI B40.1 – 1985 Grade A

Bourdon Tube & Socket: Phosphor bronze bourdon tube, brass socket.  Brazed and stress relieved.  1/4″ NPT Male lower or back connection.

Movement: Bronze brushed rotary type.

Pointer: Slotted micro-adjustable.

Dial: Aluminum with white back ground and black graduation lines and numerals.


Case: Aluminum* with black textured enamel finish, black finished aluminum bayonet lock ring.


series pg table

Steam Gauge Syphons

Can be used with all pressure gauges

Brass – 1/4″ MPT
Steel – 1/4″, 1/2″ MPT
Stainless Steel – 1/4″, 1/2″ MPT

steam gauge syphons